Hey there! I am Yerim,

a multidisciplinary designer

on a mission to create a good life for people and the planet.  

My work

Most of the recent projects I have worked on are confidential, however, I outlined them to give you an idea about what my daily tasks and challenges look like. If you want to know more about them I’d be happy to have a chat with you.

Strategic project

The Metaverse for the Automotive industry

Role : Lead design researcher

The client intended to use the Metaverse to discover fresh business prospects. We first conducted research to identify what the current trends are and what users prefer, and defined how automakers could utilise the Metaverse to serve users' demands. In this process, we utilized both qualitative and quantitative research tools to gather data, and we then attempted to generate novel insights by synthesizing the data utilizing the Abuductive reasoning method. As a result, we were able to propose not only new business opportunities that boost brand value and generate company profits, but also opportunities that improve the effectiveness of the company's internal system.

Internal project

Design research service package for sales

Role : Lead design researcher

It has been a challenge for our company that clients rely so much on their experience rather than research, which in turn can be risky for their businesses. In order to deal with this challenge, I created design research service packages for sales so as to make research service tangible and easy to approach. The use of these tangible packages convinced clients to include research service that is unfamiliar for them, but crucial to the project’s success and resulted in creating businesses which serve user’s demands.

UX | Product design | Web app

B2B Corporate CO2 calculation tool

Role : Lead product designer

The client aimed to develop a corporate CO2 calculation software to assist companies in complying with new EU taxonomy regulations. This tool enables companies to efficiently measure their ecological footprint by simply uploading their business evaluation document. The AI-powered tool reads the document and provides a certificate. As the sole product designer, my role involved leading requirement workshops, conducting research, creating user journeys and information architecture, as well as producing production-ready designs. Currently, the tool is in the Beta phase and is set to launch in the German market. It has obtained certifications from TÜV, L-Bank, and Myclimate.

Case studies

Digitised generational consulting service
Product design project

It is a service providing Generational consulting. It is not something everyone is aware of, but it is crucial activity to do for the people who care about their future and protect themselves and their loved ones legally and financially. Now the service is ready to use digitally as well as having in person contact.

UX design project

Jibe is an application providing people a place where they can immediately find home interior experts and get advice tailored to their home situations.

Service Design / UX design project

Fodi is an automobile salesmen performance application

UX Design Project

BODA is an application which empowers people to learn new vocabulary.

Story Hunt
Design Research / Service Design Project

A collaborative research project worked with communities in the Outer Hebrides on a project entitled "Design for Island Life". This project is initiated to seek to explore ways to build resilient, creative and confident communities.

Rain Festival
Design Research / Service Design Project

A personal research project stemmed from researching Scotland and talking with locals about the weather in Glasgow. This project is located at Kelvingrove park, located in the West End of Glasgow. It is aiming to give people enjoyable experience by transforming the perspective on rain.

Design Research / Service Design Project

This project is to explore design opportunities for how members of generation C organise their finances through the use of degital wallets and the internet of things. The brief was made as a collaboration between the GSA and Tesco Bank.

Retail Design
Retail Designer in IKEA Germany

Shop interior design projects carried on while working for IKEA from 2017 to present.

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